is cbd safe for children

30 Apr

is cbd safe for children

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Is CBD Safe For Children?

Published onJuly 09, 2018

Before I answer this question on whether CBD is safe for children, please be reminded that all the details found in this article are based on comprehensive research. You’ll be provided with views and options, but of course, the final decision is still in your hands.

CBD oil is increasingly becoming on demand when it comes to treating seizure disorders like epilepsy, as well as autism, anxiety disorders, focus issues, insomnia, and sensory processing disorders. There are many pieces of anecdotal evidence supporting the benefits and other effects of CBD oil for children, benefiting different pediatric health issues.

Why Even Consider CBD Oil for Treating Pediatric Patients

Children are more vulnerable to pain as compared to adults, and they feel more anxious, afraid, and unable to express theirlevel of pain well. cbd gummies 3000mg Traditional pain relievers or medications come with side effects such as stomach upset and increased bleeding.

With these reasons, CBD oil can be safely administered to children because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals nor does it cause any adverse effects. According to the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Elixinol, Chris Husong, CBD is safe for children. Their medical team has concluded this answer to the question “Is CBD safe for children?”, with the affirmation and validation of Dr. Philip Blair, the company’s medical advisor.

Let’s dig deeper and get more scientific.

Important Role of Cannabinoids in the Human Body

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring in the human body as evidenced by 2-AG and anandamide, which have a similar function to CBD. These are called as endocannabinoids that interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system for controlling cellular communication and mediating different bodily functions.

In fact, children are initially exposed to cannabinoids through the natural endocannabinoids found in human breast milk. The neuromodulatory lipid endocannabinoids found in human breast milk teach newborns to eat through the stimulation of the process of suckling, triggering hunger and promoting growth and development.

How CBD Can Affect the Growth and Development of Children

There is no evidence showing that CBD oil is not good for children or being harmful or unhealthy for that matter. It does not cause stunted growth physically or mentally. In fact, a mother’s breast milk even contains cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors, including CBD.

As previously mentioned, the endocannabinoids found in breast milk promotes growth and development, most especially among newborns. Endocannabinoids prevent starvation by stimulating suckling. A mother’s breast milk is still best for babies. So, who says that CBD is not good for children?

What Does FDA Say About CBD Oil Benefits and Safety

Just like any parent, you are concerned about the safety of CBD oil for your children. As I read through online forums, I couldn’t unearth any site that points negative side effects of CBD among children.

While many customers reported remarkable effects on various health conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, and PTSD, the FDA prevents manufacturers from recommending cannabidiol or CBD for specific health conditions. The FDA considers CBD just a dietary supplement. However, many people and scientific studies prove that CBD can do more than just a food supplement.

If the FDA consider CBD nothing more than just a food supplement, then it only means that CBD poses no harm like medications do, both for adults and children. Authorities do not ban CBD nor promote it as an effective medication for any disease. This fact leaves a room for further clinical trials and gathering of sufficient evidence to upgrade CBD as an effective and acceptable drug for different and specific health conditions in the future.

CBD Oil Saved a Child’s Life from a Fatal Epilepsy Case

You might have read or heard about Charlotte Figi, an 11-year old girl who had epilepsy and her seizures turned out so bad and placed in a hospice. According to her parent, CBD actually saved her life. From this real-life story, CBD studies have focused on treating epilepsy among children. In fact, CBD is approved for seizures or epilepsy in Brazil and the United Kingdom.

What Does Studies Show About the Effectiveness of CBD Oil

CBD reduces the mortality in animal subjects from seizures with high tolerability and low toxicity. In fact, the American Academy of Neurology concluded the “unknown efficacy: of medical cannabis in the treatment of epilepsy. The same is true with the review concluded by the Cochrane Database. Elixinol launches a training program specifically for medical professionals to confidently talk about CBD benefits to their patients.

Based on the studies I’ve read, CBD oil is completely safe for children. # The Best CBD Topicals by Just CBD StoreHere are the other studies you can read:

How to Best Administer CBD to Children to Gain Health Benefits

CBD should be administered sublingually because ingesting it reduces its efficacy. Parents can choose the best mode of delivery depending on their preference. CBD can also be administered orally, topically and through vaping.

Do not administer just any CBD product to your children. Ensure that you only buy from trusted, reputable, and reliable sources. More than anything else, prioritize child safety than the price. cbd vape strawberry cheesecake Many online sellers are offering low prices but with questionable CBD sources and reputation.

Is CBD safe for children? Yes, CBD is safe for children and adults. The FDA considers CBD oil as a dietary supplement for now. However, studies have shown how CBD helped many children with seizures, epilepsy, and other medical conditions.

As a parent, you have an option to try CBD oil for your child’s medical condition. It is always best to also consult a medical doctor for a proper CBD prescription based on your child’s age, weight, and health condition.




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